Many of Stockholm’s most popular museums and attractions are located here on Djurgården, so it is not a coincidence that
Djurgården is Sweden’s largest tourist destination of its kind.
During the summer season Djurgården offers plenty to do. Many off the islands museum opens new exhibitions, music and theater events, sporting events, restaurants and cafes opens up their outdoor seatings in the sun and much, much more.
To make your visit easier, we have below compiled information about what is happening here on Djurgården this summer.

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Do not miss The Abba Museum´s new exhibition ”Gröna Lund backstage – The Photo exhibition” with more than 250 swedish and international artists who has performed at Gröna Lunds Large Scene.
On June 2, june 16 and june 19 there will also be Live music at Pop House at the Museum, starts at 6pm and it is free entry.
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See the summer’s new exhibition “Fantastic Frogs” – an exhibition of outstanding frogs, toads and salams.

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Summer workshop with the South Sea theme. Learn about Oceania’s cultures and build seashells, boxes and model boats. Starting June 27 until August 13 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
See The Museum of Ethnography´s Japanese Tea House – Zui-Ki-Tei every Wednesday together with a museum educator. Shown on Wednesdays from 17.30 to 18.30 between June 28 and August 16.
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At Junibacken this summer you step into a world based on Barbro Lindgren and her free, imaginative and beloved characters such as The Wild Baby, Max and Loranga. Junibacken has been filled with theater, music and games. Welcome into Barbros world and experience her children’s book characters.
Do not miss visiting Junibacken’s own garden where you can milk cows, balance on a sponge or take it easy to get new energy. Or maybe eat a refreshing ice cream or milkshake in the shadow?
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Do not miss this year’s new attraction – Ikaros. Imagine sitting in a chair, dangling with your feet high above the city of Stockholm, secured by a shoulder restraint. As you’re approching the top of the tower, your chair is suddenly tilting you 90 degrees, and you find yourself lying horisontally facing the ground. Then comes the drop …do you dare?
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Gröna Lund is open until September 29.

Liljevalchs is closed during summer 2017. The pink gallery on Djurgården will undergo an extensive renovation and a new building will be erected next to it.
But Liljevalchs’ will show a summer exhibition at the Army Museum on Riddargatan 13 in Stockholm this Summer. The exhibition is about Finnish photography from the 1920s to the 1960s, featuring three pioneers of photography and documentary film from the same cultural family: Heikki Aho, Björn Soldan and Heikki’s daughter Claire Aho. The exhibition runs from June 10 to September 10.
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Sankt Erik and Finngrundet at the Museum pier is open during the summer. Go on knots school with the family or on a guided tour on board and see the huge steam engine! On board the St. Erik’s aft deck there is also a Ice breaker cafe with one of Stockholm’s best views.
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See this year’s big exhibition “Nordic light” in the main hall of the museum. The exhibition is about how it is to live in a part of the world that has limited daylight during the winter and almost endless daylight during the summer? Only a few per cent of the Earth’s population live in these kinds of light conditions. Little more than 100 years ago, darkness after sunset with no moon was a reality for most people – light was special. Imagine having ten tallow candles to get by on for a whole year. Or the opportunities that street lighting involved for life after sunset. There are also 17 other exhibitions at the museum this summer with focus on folk art, home decor, clothing and fashion for example
If you are visiting the museum with the children there is also a playhouse, the children’s audio guide and the Light Travel, which is the children’s own way through the exhibition Nordic Light.
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This year, the Park Theater turns 75 years!
This will be celebrated this summer with lots of dance, song, conversation and humor!
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During the summer there will be dramatized guided tours for children, “Summer Holiday Mystery – a detective mystery for mini police”. The Police Museum has some arch-enemies that pop up where you least expect it and steal things. The museum needs your help to find clues and try to resolve the crime scene. Two views per day are held all weekdays from June 19 to August 13 at 12.30 and 14.00.
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This summer, works by the artist, photographer and author Anja Notini (born 1940) will be exhibited at Waldemarsudde ”Rooms with Gravitation”. From her studio at Solvik, situated in Saltsjö-Boo in the Stockholm archipelago, she follows the changing seasons and creates large paintings, heavy reliefs and powerful sculptures. The exhibit will be shown between June 10 – September 24. Guided tours on wednesdays at 14.00.
The other exhibition that Waldemarsudde will show this summer is ”Nordic Art 1880–1940 – Highligts from Prince Eugen´s Collection”. Between June 22 – August 27. Guided tours of the exhibition will be at 14.00 on Tuesday and Fridays.
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Rosendal´s Palace opens for the season on June 15 and has guided tours at 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00. A tour takes 45 minutes and is about the palaces royal history, architectural history and interiors. The palace closes for the season on August 13.
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Go on a guided tour of the exhibition ”Travelers” starts at 14.00 all days this summer. In the weekends, the tour is more family-oriented where you and your family can go on a historic trip to China and back, saturdays and sundays at 11.00.
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